Heidis Drivers Ed
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Driving Instruction

From novice to driving, in as long or as short a time as you need.  Trained by a patient, friendly experienced lady instructor.  Making driving fun, and easy...

Pass Plus:

Pass Plus build upon your newly (or out of practice) driving skills and knowledge, with the focus on planning, anticipation and hazard actions.  Covering town, rural, night, dual carriageways and motorway (eek), also all weather driving is covered if possible.  There is no exam, you are certified by me at the end of the training, and many insurance compaines give an additional discount for the course.

Foreign / Returning Driver Familiarisation:

New to the UK road system, or just returning after not driving for a while?  I do a one hour assessment of your needs, and then build a plan. Often it only takes the initial hour!   Junctions, Traffic lights, Roundabouts, Bay / Parallel park can all be covered easilly.  If you've a left hand drive car - we can use yours if you are more comfortable. 

Note: This is for experienced drivers only and will not take you to UK test standard. 

Parental Instruction:

With increasing fuel / running costs many parents choose to teach their child themself.  Whilst it's hours on the road and experience that help the pupil, how can you be certain that you are not passing on bad habits?  The Practical Driving Test has changed over the last five or ten years, green or ECO driving is high on the list, "show me / tell me's" for how to check the oil etc.  I offer a two hour session, starting with a mock test and then taking you through the six possible manouvers and identifying (and masking) of any poor habits you may have acquired.