Heidis Drivers Ed
Look Who's Behind You...

Hourly / Block rates:

£40 pay as you go

£35 book and pay for the next one advance

£200 book and pay for 5 lessons at a time

£350 book and pay for 10 lessons at a time 

Out Of Core Area £400 for 10 lessons

Cancellation: All lessons incur the full fee if cancelled within 48 hours of their scheduled time, but it's my business and I will waive that for a great excuse!

Pass Plus:  

£200 for the expected 6 hour session then £35 per hour additionally required.

Instructors car for the test:

£100 includes a one hour check-ride, if you're not good enough you don't get my car - and I ride with you on the test.

Parental "Refresher" so you can help:

£70 includes a mock test, covers the the possible test manouvers and help to "mask" any poor habits that you may have acquired. :)