Heidis Drivers Ed
Look Who's Behind You...

How long will it take? 

Most people seem to need around 50 hours to get to test standard.  However, you cannot beat hours on the road, so once comfortable I recomend that you drive as often as possible AND legal - insured and L plated!

Do you do work weekends?

Yes, I do Saturday lessons, but these are very popular. I will only do Sunday lessons for students who have a test on the following Monday.

Do you work evenings?

Yes, but only up to 20:30 unless it is a Pass Plus student, and never later than four oc'clock on a Saturday - I've a life too you know :)

What is the difference between a Pink and a Green ADI badge? 

A pink badged ADI has not passed their final teaching exam - whilst they have reached the standard of driving required, they have not been able to communicate that standard to their pupils yet.  Note: If your instructor does not display an ADI badge at all they cannot legally charge you for the instruction.

Do I have to have taken my theory test before you will teach me? 

Nope, but you must have passed the theory before you can book the practical AND I will need to see your provisional licence for my insurance before you drive.

When will I get to drive on the real road? 

First lessons if you've the ability, if not then by the 2nd lesson you will be!! And enjoying it - I assure you!!